How can I create a contest?

After you log in to your account in the "LOBBY" you can see the button "Create a Contest" on the right side of the Website. A window will be opened where you can choose the sports type, then you have to choose contest style, league, round and games . In the last step you have to fill all required fields. After clicking on "Draft Now" button you can draft your team and in the end click on "Enter Contest" button.

Can I cancel contest?

Contests can be canceled by administrator if there is any technical issue. Contest can be canceled when minimum number of participants has not expired. Users are not able to cancel the contest.

What types of prizes can I win?

There are 2 types of prizes: Winner takes all, Distributed and there can also be tickets to other contests and bonuses.

What types of contests do you offer?

At the moment we offer 2 types of Fantasy contests: H2H and Regular. All of them can be created both by admin and user. 

What is salary cap?

Salary cap is the sum user receives to draft his lineup. Broadly speaking it is your budget to draft the team. Salary cap can flex according to contest terms.

What is the company rake?
Rake is the commission which our company receives for service 4% for now.
How can I draft my Line-Up?

When you click on "Draft" button a page will be opened where you have to choose players for your team. By clicking on  "+" sign you will add that player to your team. On the left side of the page you can see players list on the top of it you will see positions. For Soccer, you have to choose 15 players within your salary cap (you can see it on the right bottom side of player list) and set your team formation in the left upper side of the field.